Judy Schulz
Paper Specialist
“Even as a kid, I would walk to the local store and spend hours looking over the stationery aisle.”
Paper specialist and enthusiast at Olmsted-Kirk Paper Company. There is not a paper stock she has not seen, touched, smelled or tasted. Okay, not tasted.

Tell us about your path to becoming a paper specialist.
I have always loved paper and print. Even as a kid, I would walk to the local store and spend hours looking over the stationery aisle. It's no wonder that after receiving my graphic design degree that choosing paper became one of my favorite tasks when taking on a new design project. After years of a close, working relationship with Butler Paper Company; they offered me a job marketing, educating and consulting other designers on paper. From there, I went on to work for a paper mill that produced premium text and cover paper. The last 19 years I have been a paper enthusiast at Olmsted-Kirk Fine Paper. I guess you could say that I know every side of a sheet a paper - design, print, making and marketing. I love this industry and the wonderful clients I get to help to make their print vision a reality.

Who or what inspires you?
So many things - films, books or a day at the lake. I am in awe of the work of Chuck Close and Rex Ray.

Were you creative as a kid?
Absolutely, you could always find me with my head buried in a sketchbook or making some sort of "masterpiece".

What do you like about living in Austin?
I love the vibe of the city - easy going but very metro. The design community here is so very friendly. And if you are a foodie, like me, this place is off the charts.

What is your typical day like?
In the office first thing to collect samples and paper promotional materials for my clients. Then, out the door to visit design studios, printers and in-house agencies across the city that need paper assistance on projects. My late afternoon is spent dreaming up and initiating marketing tools for Olmsted-Kirk either back at the office or at my favorite coffee spots around town. No days are ever the same - each with different challenges and destinations.

What's your favorite food?
Sushi and Tex-Mex - but I'll try anything. One of my favorite, end-of-the-week lunches is at the sushi bar of Komé.