Big Bend Brewing Co.
Strategic planning, brand and package re-design to help usher a beloved Texas brewery into their next phase of expansion and growth.
Develop positioning strategy and brand messaging that would inform print, digital and social tools to announce the launch of the new Classic and Tejas product lines.
Creative Direction, Positioning Strategy, Launch Strategy, Media Planning, Narrative & Messaging, Identity System, Packaging Design, Collateral, Paper System, Merchandise, Social Media Strategy, Web Strategy, Web Design & Development, Events & Activations
The Beer from Out Here

People make the pilgrimage out to West Texas for a reason. The vast openness and rugged landscape give you perspective. It’s a place where the frontier spirit is alive and well. Where dreams manifest and great things are made from nothing. The frontier spirit is an open invitation. It doesn’t care who you are or where you come from. You just have to work hard to reap its rewards.

Big Bend makes their beers with the same passion, hard work and humility as the men and women who shaped West Texas. Each brewed with its own character, and the quality and high expectations of their world renowned brewmaster. These beers are the fruits of their labor.

See you out West.

Tejas | The ADDYs (Regional) | Packaging 2018 | Silver
Classic | The ADDYs (Regional) | Packaging 2018 | Bronze
Print Regional Design | Packaging 2018

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