Deeds Not Words
Strategic planning, naming and brand creation for a new non-profit organization targeting millennial women.
Build a roadmap and communication strategy that would inform print, digital and social tools to announce the launch of the new movement.
Creative Direction, Naming, Narrative & Messaging, Identity System, Collateral, Paper System, Merchandise, Campaign Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Web Strategy, Web Design & Development, Events & Activations
More than a motto. A movement

Deeds Not Words is a diverse community that stands for women's equality in all its forms — including economic and social opportunity, access to reproductive health, justice for survivors of sexual assault, and representation at every level of government and private boardrooms. Led by Wendy Davis, Deeds Not Words is uniting women to push progress forward — not through talk. Through deeds.

When we learned that Wendy wanted to entrust us with strategic planning, naming and brand creation for her new organization, we didn't take the challenge lightly. We teamed up with a talented pool of change-makers to create a roadmap and communication strategy that would inform print, digital and social tools to announce the launch of the new movement.


Print Regional Design | Identity 2017
The ADDYs (Regional) | Identity 2017 | Silver

Women have united for change throughout American history. A favorite motto of Alice Paul, an American suffragette whose commitment to action helped gain women the right to vote, “Deeds Not Words” has a long history of inspiring women to pursue equality. Now, as we enter a new era of the equality movement, we’re passing the torch to the next generation of passionate women.
We had a number of friends help us along the way including web strategist Kevin Sharon, content strategist Sara Wachter-Boettcher and writer Mary van Ogtrop.
One-of-a-kind, handmade patches courtesy of our friends at Ft. Lonesome.
“I have met so many passionate, intelligent, thoughtful young women who really want to get involved, but they don’t really know how to connect their passions to concrete action. They often ask me for advice on what they should do. [Deeds Not Words] was born out of that idea: Helping them find a place where they can receive advice on what to do and connections on how to do it.”
When looking for creative partners, I shopped my plan to several different agencies and knew I had hit on the right fit from my very first meeting with Guerilla Suit. From that moment, I haven't looked back and feel GS listened to, understood and reflected my vision through their work.
We are co-conspirators with like-minded people and brands who aren’t afraid to break things.
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