Hat Creek Burger Company
Hat Creek Burger Company needed a refresh that would allow their brand to grow as fast as their business.
Evolve and diversify the Hat Creek brand by updating the primary logo and introducing a suite of brand assets including fonts, photography, illustrations and color palette to inject a nostalgic, yet timeless appeal for both parents and kids.
Brand Positioning, Brand Narrative & Messaging, Identity System, Packaging, Collateral, Signage & Wayfinding, Website Design & Development, Campaign Strategy & Execution.
Stop and Smell the Burgers

Hat Creek is a family-friendly, fast-casual chain of burger joints with over 20 locations across Texas and big plans for expansion. They approached Guerilla Suit needing a partner to bring their brand into the future and allow for flexibility and consistency as they grow their footprint.

There was so much great brand equity and personality built into Hat Creek's brand already. Our objective was to lean into what was already working within the brand system and broaden the world around it to provide depth and variety in a controlled and consistent manner.

In addition to updating the logo, we introduced a suite of new fonts that can be bold, playful, and quiet when needed. We freshened up the color palette and mixed in new flavors that compliment one another and introduced a classic, playful illustration style will give the brand a nostalgic, yet timeless appeal for both parents and kids.

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