Rooster Teeth
Strategically reimagine and contextualize the 20-year old Rooster Teeth brand without overwriting their history.
Leveraging the 20-year milestone, GS created an identity system that was equal parts dynamic, unconventional and playful. The new branding honors Rooster Teeth’s founding principles while looking forward to the next 20 years of making stuff they love.
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A Totally Different Animal

Welcome to the most random place on the internet. When they aren’t making themselves laugh, Rooster Teeth is hard at work making content about, well, anything they’re into. This island of misfit shows is a collection of their latest obsessions, channeled into your favorite content. If you’re into Crash Bandicoot while playing D&D while listening to podcasts with the Dark Lord Satan and hungry for the latest fast food taste tests after listening to an hour long conversation about plane crashes but also intrigued by rollercoaster reviews, you might wanna subscribe.

00:20 Brand Reveal Video
Red vs Blue
Evolving the original red brand color was only half the story we wanted to tell. As we developed the color palette an unconventional pairing revealed itself — a color combination that Rooster Teeth had laid claim to since the very beginning.
The Bite
Rooster Teeth’s original logo featured two separate symbols that served as a kind of rebus for the name. The “teeth” from the original logo, represented by wind-up chattering teeth, have been reimagined as a dynamic editing device. The animated “bite” is a signature element in the new Rooster Teeth toolkit.
Nuform Sans
The charmingly retro Nuform Sans, designed by Erik Marinovich, was chosen to compliment the wordmark and amplify the brand's quirky tone of voice. Nuform’s big brother and display counterpart, Ozik, is used for large, punchy headlines.
The Sub-brands are the Brand
For the rebrand to truly resonate, Rooster Teeth would need to rethink how they engage their creator-loyal audience moving forward. Our approach was to develop a simple endorsement system for each sub-brand logo, ensuring a clear connection to the parent brand. The result? A brand architecture that allowed each sub-brand to shine on its own while still being unmistakably part of the Rooster Teeth family.
We are co-conspirators with like-minded people and brands who aren’t afraid to break things.
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