Equipment Room
Develop a brand from scratch for Austin's first Hi-Fi Vinyl Listening bar inspired by the Japanese kissaten.
Drawing inspiration from vintage sound equipment and turntables, we created a modern brand suite featuring psychedelic patterns and a playful twist on service manuals.
Brand Positioning, Naming, Brand Narrative & Messaging, Identity System, Collateral, Signage & Wayfinding, Website Design & Development, Experiential Design
Profound Sound

The vinyl bar is a nostalgic love letter to intentionality. From its record collection to its sound equipment to its cocktail program - every detail devoted to the art of appreciation, to paying attention, to highlighting subtlety and nuance. It is a modern house of worship where patrons are invited to surrender themselves to the revelatory experience of hearing a record the way it was intended.

Tucked away just off South Congress, you might miss Austin’s first high fidelity vinyl listening bar. In the basement of the Magdalena is Equipment Room, a profound sound experience combining state of the art sound systems with a world-class record collection where guests can enjoy a classic cocktail and embark on a transportive journey each night.

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